Cultivate Self-Love this Valentine’s

Valentine’s day doesn’t only have to be about date nights and partnerships.

I think it’s about time we reconstruct our notion of Valentine’s and what that means for cultivating self-love.

So, this Valentine’s day is inspired by love, harnessing the healing benefits of aromatherapy plant powers.

Light a few candles, enjoy a steamy bath accompanied by a warm mug of tea, treat yourself to a face mask followed by a body massage. There are so many things you can do with aromatherapy to inspire love. Follow through to learn more!

love inspired aromatherapy for valentines day

Love Inspired Aromatherapy Recipes for Valentine’s Day

A Heart full of Roses: Diffuser Blend

This love inspired aromatherapy recipe is a soothing treat to your Valentine’s day ritual. Diffuse these aromas to cultivate a sense of calm in your mind and body.

Rose essential oil exhibits anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties, promoting relaxation while relieving sexual dysfunction (Mohebitabar, Safieh et al., 2017). Jasmine essential oil is also anti-depressant with sedative and pain-relieving actions. Finally, cedarwood atlas’ grounding and stabilising aroma has shown to exhibit anti-anxiety and stress relieving properties (Suyono et al., 2020).


Love inspired aromatherapy for valentines

Flowers of Love: Face Mask

This face mask infuses the decongesting properties of kaolin clay with hibiscus and rose powders, leaving your skin soft and nourished.


  • 1 tsp hibiscus powder
  • 1 tsp rose powder
  • 4 tbsp white or pink kaolin clay

directions: combine dry ingredients in a sterilised jar, mix well and store for future use.

pro tip: Clay absorbs metals within metal spoons and this will compromise the quality of the clay. To prevent this, use a wooden or ceramic spoon to mix the preparation.

How to Apply:

  1. Pour 1 tbsp of dry face mask mixture in a bowl. Blend just enough wet solvent (optional: aloe vera gel, yoghurt, or honey) to create a thick paste. It shouldn’t be too thick or too wet, just at the right consistency. You can increase the dry amount alongside wet ingredients according to your liking.
  2. Apply the mask on your face until it starts to dry. This should be between 10-15 minutes.
  3. Rinse your face with warm water.
  4. Pat dry and finish it off with your favourite facial mist and serum.

Love inspired aromatherapy for valentines

Bathe with Love

This love-inspired aromatherapy bath is deeply relaxing for the body and mind. The floral notes of rose and lavender essential oil will calm your senses, while sandalwood and ylang-ylang stabilise your mind.

Light a few candles, play some meditate music, and tend to your body with love.


Release and Let Go: Body Scrub

A body scrub is a great way to exfoliate dead skin while promoting a fresh, new glow.

This aromatherapy recipe for valentine’s day will leave your skin feeling as soft as ever. Sugar is a simple ingredient that can exfoliate the skin, while the gentle aromas of lavender and geranium, alongside nourishing oils will help get rid of the old and welcome the new.


directions: mix ingredients in a bowl until fully blended. Pour the mixture into a sterilised jar and save it for future use.

Apply a small amount on your legs and hands, and gently massage in circular motions. Rinse off with warm water then pat dry.

love inspired aromatherapy for valentines day

Self-Massage for Love

Create a space for intimacy within your own body with our DIY massage oil for self-love. Harness the aphrodisiac powers of rose, ylang-ylang and frankincense to anoint your body with nurture and care.

love inspired aromatherapy for valentines day

Venus 10ml roller bottle

This love inspired aromatherapy recipe infuses the venus-ruled essential oils for your meditation practice.

The floral aromas of rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang are deeply relaxing and can promote a sense of calm and love. Their sensual aromas are wonderful companions to a meditation, or simply as an encapsulating perfume.


  • 10 ml sweet almond oil
  • 3 drops jasmine essential oil
  • 3 drops rose essential oil
  • 2 drops ylang-ylang essential oil
  • optional: 2 rose buds

Place rose buds into a sterilised 10ml roller bottle. Pour carrier oil to top it off, then blend in the essential oils.

Close with a lid, and mix well between your hands. Let it sit for 24-48 hours before use.

To apply the aromatherapy blend, rub the roller bottle on the nerve points around your body: your temples, your neck, collarbones and chest, your wrists, behind your knees and ankles.

love inspired aromatherapy for valentines day
Aromatherapy recipes for valentines day