5 Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Our sense of smell is powerfully linked to our emotions and sense of well being. Simply smelling the intoxicating aroma of essential oils can enhance our mood and relieve stress in an instant.

Specific flowers, herbs and spices have been identified for their stress reducing properties for centuries. There is a reason why aromatherapy has stood the test of time when it comes to managing stress. Simply put, it works!

Harnessing the magic of aromatherapy in stressful times can assist to soothe the nervous system and combat stress in a powerful, enjoyable and relaxing way.

Aromatherapy practices combine stress reduction with self-care. The aromas will make you feel calmer and more at ease, while the very act of using essential oils will enhance both the experience and the effects.

♥ 5 Essential Oils for Stress Relief ♥

1. Organic Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is well recognised for its myriad of stress busting benefits – and rightly so! The scent of lavender has been shown to induce both calming and uplifting effect and brings about a sense of tranquillity. It also helps with tension headaches and has been shown to assist with poor sleep, making it the perfect choice for managing stress.

How to use Lavender Oil

Bathing can be a wonderful way to reduce stress. Add 2-3 drops to of Lavender Essential Oil to your bathwater. Then light some candles, play some soothing music and feel the tension melt away.


2. Organic Chamomile Oil

When thinking of Chamomile, you may first think of a soothing cup of Chamomile tea. This anxiety-reducing flower is even more powerful as an essential oil. Chamomile oil will soothe a stressed digestive system, calm the mind and reduce irritability. Everything you need to come back to a stress-free state.

How to use Chamomile Oil

Make Chamomile part of your daily beauty ritual. Simply add 2-3 drops of Chamomile oil to your body lotion and massage into your skin mindfully to feel the full stress reducing effects.

Rose Oil for Stress

3. Organic Rose Oil

“Stop and smell the roses” is a saying for good reason! The pleasing aroma of these beautiful flowers has been shown to boost mood, improve circulation, reduce stress and increase libido. Rose oil is just what you need for a happier, healthier more balanced you.

How to use Rose Oil

Add Rose oil to your oil diffuser to create a stress-free environment in your home or office.

4. Organic Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang’s intoxicating aroma will bring about a shift in mood with just one sniff. The floral scent activates the brain to release small amounts of dopamine, the body’s natural feel-good hormone. This powerful oil is also a mild sedative, reducing stress by lowering the heart rate and reducing blood pressure.

How to use Ylang Ylang Oil

Why not indulge in a DIY massage? Add 3-4 drops of  the coconut oil, sesame oil or olive oil to create your own massage oil. Self massage is a powerful self care treatment. Otherwise, if you prefer, take turns massaging with your partner.

5. Frida Floral Essential Oil Blend

EcoDrop has created a powerful stress-busting blend of essential oils for you. The Frida Floral oil is made from Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Palmarosa, Mandarin and Lemon level in optimal amounts. This carefully created concoction produces a heart-warming aroma and will melt the stresses of daily life with a single drop.

How to use Frida Floral Essential Oil Blend

Apply a single drop on each of your wrists and rub together for a quick, effective stress-reliving boost. Take in the beautiful scent and feel a wash of contentment come over you in an instant. Stress is something that we all feel the effects of from time to time, especially in these strange uncertain times. Simply adding essential oils to your self-care can make a world of difference.