Our fingernails are made of a protein called keratin.

Especially our hands are exposed to the environment constantly. Adding to natural environmental impact all the chemicals from cleaning products for example it is easy to understand that oir nails have a tough time.

They get altered. If you than also use false nails and lots of polish one wonders how nails stay healthy anyways.

Common nail problems include brittle nails, which can be the result of age or too much or too little moisture, or nutritional deficiencies.

Especially on the toe nails fungal infections are common as socks and shoes make your feet sweat. A moist and warm environment like that is just the perfect place for fungus to grow.

Free your feet! Try to be more barefood. It will improve not only your toe nails health.

To help prevent fungal infections from invading your nails, keep all nails and cuticles clean and dry with a baking soda scrub, don’t bite your nails or pick at hangnails (which can open the door to a fungal or bacterial infection), and treat ingrown nails with saltwater soaks to keep them clean and infection-free.

Other Home remedies

Vitamin b is known to support nail health. You can take a supplement over a long period of time (minimum 6 month).

Drink a cup of horsetail or nettle tea once a day. These herbs are high in silica and other minerals that nails need to grow.

Also moisturizing creams can be aplied before going to bed.

Nail strengtheners are the perfect treatment for weak, soft, fragile nails that are lacking in protein (the keratin strands or cross-links that provide a durable surface and make nails tough), and hence, tear and have rough edges.

Recipe for Nail Strengthener


• 20 drops of Myrrh essential oil.
• 10 drops of Lavender essential oil.
• 2 capsules of vitamin E
• 1 oz. of carrier oil (coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil ).


Combine Myrrh essential oil and lavender essential oil in a small dropper bottle.

Empty vitamin E capsules in a small dropper bottle with essential oil.

Mix carrier oil with the blended mixture.

Swirl it well so that all the ingredients mix well.

And now apply it with the help of cotton swab or small brush. Take blended oil on a cotton swab or small brush.

As a result, you get healthier and stronger nails.

Nature provides!