Moisturizing Essential Oils for Dry Skin.

Dry skin is sensitive to the environment. It need extra care as temperature changes and indoor lifestyle make it even worse.

Give it an extra treat.

Essential oils are effective to treat the skin.

Depending on how much time you want and can spend on producing your own cosmetics there are several options.

One is to add the essential oils you have chosen to your daily facecream. Depending on how dry your skin is or how sensitive you start with only a few drops added to your cream to see how your skin responds to the essential oils.

On which one to choose I would always recomend to use the oils you most like.

For example from the list to treat dry skin you choose 2 oils you already know or have and start using them.

The Exercise of doing your perzonalized cosmetics is to start trusting and knowing better your body and its needs.

Only use essential oils you find comforting.

Trust your nose. If you don’t like the smell its not what you need.

The following essential oils are very good to treat dry skin

If you want to do your own cosmetics from cero I have to nice DIY recipes for you. The first is easy and fast, the second recipe is more complex as it contains beeswax and several oils.

Dry Skin Care

Combine all ingredients. Massage into the skin. Use daily.

Regenerative Floral Beauty Balm

Heat the carrier oils and beeswax in a double boiler until wax melts.

In another pan, heat the rose infusion.

Remove both pans from the heat and cool until the wax mixture just begins to thicken.

Very slowly drizzle the infusion into the wax mixture, vigorously whisking for 3 or 4 minutes, or until a creamy emulsion forms.

Add the vitamin E and essential oils and stir rapidly for another 4 minutes. Spoon into a 2 ounce, dark colored glass jar.

Allow to cool completely then close lid tightly.

Use once a week or whenever your skin feels dry.

Store in refrigerator.

Discard after 2 months.

Note: Balm is thicker and more concentrated so you may need to warm it up in the palm of your hand before applying.

Nature provides!