Frankincense and Myrrh Beautifying Face Cream Recipe

Frankincense and myrrh have a long history in both healing and spiritual ceremony. The immense power of these two sacred resins made their way into many religions and ancient scriptures, including the Bible.

Frankincense and myrrh have been recognised for millennium for their health and beauty promoting properties. They were once worth more than their weight in gold for this very reason!

Now that these essential oils are much more widely available, the price has thankfully reduced dramatically. Yet, their potent benefits still remain the same. Harness the nourishing and beautifying benefits of these sacred essential oils by making your own frankincense and myrrh essential oil infused face cream.

Beauty Benefits of Myrrh

Ancient Egyptians used myrrh as an anti-aging elixir, as well as for a number of other conditions. Science now proves that they were on to something, as myrrh has been shown to help with skin aging in a number of ways.

Myrrh is a potent anti-oxidant, and has been shown to be even more powerful than vitamin E. Anti-oxidants fight off free radicals, which are what causes the skin to age.

This is why adding an anti-oxidant like myrrh essential oil to your skincare regime can help with anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, stretch marks and even eczema.



Beauty Benefits of Frankincense

Frankincense oil is known as the “King of Essential Oils” due to the myriads of benefits it provides. Frankincense is a powerful anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and skin irritation. The essential oil extract contains both restorative and regenerative properties for the skin.

Not only does it help reverse damage caused by UV rays, but it also rejuvenates skin, eliminates scars, and evens out blemishes. Frankincense also has a tightening and toning effect, thought to be caused by the resin’s astringent quality, making it a welcome addition to any anti-aging formula.

This powerful duo have stood the test of time and provide the active ingredients in this nourishing, soothing and beautifying face cream that you can make at home with just a few ingredients.

Be sure to source only the best quality products for this recipe to enjoy the most benefits for your skin.

DIY Myrrh and Frankincense Anti-Aging Face Cream



  1. Whip your coconut oil with a hand mixer for 1-3 minutes or until the coconut oil is light and fluffy. You may need to refrigerate your coconut oil beforehand if it has naturally melted.
  2. Add the vitamin E oil and essential oils into the whipped coconut oil. Whisk again to combine.
  3. Store face cream in a jar with a lid and keep in a cool place. If in a very hot climate, you can keep it in the fridge and remove half an hour before using.
  4. Use a small dab morning and night after cleansing.

For acne prone skin, we suggest replacing half  of the coconut oil with argan oil and adding 2 drops of tea tree essential oil to the mixture.