Sooth your Sunburn with this DIY Aftersun Treatment

Summer is here, and after months of being cooped up in lockdown, we’ve never been more ready to get some sun!

The sun is so good for us, but only in small doses. If you got a little overexcited and overexposed your winter skin too quickly, our DIY all natural Aftersun Spray will soothe the pain and irritation in no time.

Benefits of Sunlight

Direct sunlight on our skin has many benefits. Spending time in the sun signals the body to produce vitamin D, an essential vitamin for overall health that many are deficient in. Sunlight is also linked to serotonin production, the feel good hormone that boosts our mood and calms our nervous system.

Sunshine makes us happy, and science even backs this up. But like with most things, too much of a good thing has the complete opposite effect.

When spending time in the sun, only do so before 11am and after 2pm when the sun isn’t quite as harsh. Always wear a sun hat and cover your skin with a shawl. Wear a high protection sunscreen and be sure to reapply every 2 to 3 hours or after swimming.



Dangers of Excess Sun Exposure

Apart from the immediate pain and redness, excess UVB exposure can damage collagen fibers, destroy vitamin A in the skin, accelerate aging and increase the risk of skin cancers. And it’s best to start being careful as young as possible. The Skin Cancer Foundation warns: “Sustaining five or more sunburns in youth increases lifetime melanoma risk by 80 percent. On average, a person’s risk for melanoma doubles if he or she has had more than five sunburns.”

It’s no secret that excess sun exposure is bad for us, but life happens and sometimes we get sunburnt. So you overdid it. Now what?

The best thing you can do after getting burnt is to stay out of the sun until your sunburn fades, This can take 4 – 7 days, depending on the severity. Be sure to drink lots and lots of water as your skin will need it. Cold showers or cool baths can help soothe the heat and redness. A cold compress using a cool damp towel will feel good as well. Depending on how well you treat the skin, it may or may not peel. If it does start to peel, resist scrathing or picking at your skin as this will only make it worse.

Our DIY aftersun treatment recipe will soothe your sunburn naturally using cooling essential oils, antibacterial and moisturizing coconut oil, as well as skin loving anti inflammatory aloe vera.

DIY Soothing Aftersun Spray


3⁄4 Cup Aloe Vera Gel
1 Cup of Distilled or Filtered water
1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil
5 Drops of Organic Lavender Essential Oil
5 Drops of Organic Peppermint Essential Oil


  1. Add all the ingredients together into a spray bottle
  2. Apply to skin twice a day
  3. Shake bottle before each use
  4. Store in fridge for extra cooling!