Sprouted from a deep-rooted passion for herbal medicine and holistic healing, EcoDrop offers an exclusive line of 100% pure essential oils and organic skin care derived straight from nature. Based in London and motivated by a desire to disrupt the beauty industry through the utilization of eco-consciousness from start to finish, we proudly provide products that are completely free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, additives and preservatives. All ingredients are ethically sourced and in purest form.

We here at EcoDrop are taking things back to our bare basic origins. Inspired by ancient healing practices used by generations that have gone before us, we’ve developed wholesome formulas that capture the therapeutic and restorative qualities of plant-based extracts. Highly concentrated, the natural elixirs we use are of the finest quality to ensure optimal effectiveness for homemade skincare, cleaning solutions and aromatherapy.

Our team believes a life of abundance and sustainable wellness is achievable without posing any harm or long lasting impact to the eco-system. This is why we also use eco-friendly packaging and a minimal manufacturing process. Eliminating harmful chemicals from your beauty regimen is the first step to healthier, happier, more harmonized living. Join us as we embark on a journey to reveal the medicinal benefits of botanical infusions.

We envision a world where consumers can choose products that are healthy and safe for the mind, body, soul and environment. By supporting sustainability and through the application of green business practices, we are doing our part to provide a world class shopping experience for the eco-conscious consumer of today and tomorrow.

We’re on a mission to put nature at the forefront. As a society we’ve parted ways from naturalism following the industrial age, but we hope to change that. As close to nature as possible, our formulas prove the healing and beautifying powers of planet earth. Through the utilization of sustainable business practices, we strive to establish a deeper connection to the natural world.