Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Tincture

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EU & Soil Association Organic
Dual Extracted
Certified Organic License No: DA28221
No Heavy Metal Residues
Manufactured in Finland
Bottled in the UK

We grow organic Lion’s Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) outdoors on birch logs. Our mushroom farm is the most natural and pure setting for these mushrooms to produce a potent natural medicine.

Genuine Medicine



Licence no: CS28221

This product is Soil Association certified* and free from any harsh chemicals, additives and preservatives that are destructive to our beautiful planet & us. It has been manufactured under the strict Soil Association standards (Genuine organic product with quality, integrity and transparency).

* “Soil Association Organic Certificate enforces the strict European laws about the production of organic food, animal welfare, protecting human health, and safeguarding the environment. No system of farming has higher levels of animal welfare than farms working to Soil Association organic standards.”

Nordic mushrooms

Nordic Mushrooms

Cutting edge mushroom innovations and supply chain transparency are our main priorities. We can pinpoint exactly where your mushrooms come from. Our organic mushrooms go through high-tech extraction to create an honest and potent mushroom extract.

Safety Precautions

  • Contains 25% alcohol.
  • Seek advice if you have a medical condition.
  • Not for children or during pregnancy.
  • From 50ml bottle dosage: Take 1/2 pipette or 20 drops.
  • From 30ml bottle dosage: Take 1 pipette or 20 drops, 1ml.



Product Specification

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Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS)

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  • Anya Wo

    Fantastic for cognitive performace
    They help with my cognitive performance. The lions mane pills I had taken in the past didn’t help at all.

  • Drayfus

    Great product, broken bottle
    I have used this from a friend of mine so I know this quality is great but the problem was the bottle came smashed so I couldn’t use it in case of glass being stuck in my throat! Also it’s pretty expensive but definitely higher quality.

  • kate mason

    Amazing product
    This is a top quality product. Really feeling the benefits.
    Great knowledgeable seller.

  • Pilost

    More powerful than other brands
    I’ve tried other brands and this one is more powerful. For those familiar with double extracts, I noticed a massive improvement in my brain fog with this one after two weeks.

  • tim hare


  • selina kizildagli

    Product As described
    I like this product as it is certified organic by the soil association and uses eco friendly packaging.
    I have used the tincture on its own and in my coffee and both ways taste absolutely fine.

  • Sirle O

    Clearer mind and improved alertness
    I have been taking the Lions Mane tincture for 3 weeks now in my morning coffee, which is the best way to take it in my opinion. I am not super keen on the taste and in coffee it pretty much disappears.
    I didn’t really know what to expect as it’s my first time taking Lions Mane. The main difference I see is that I am so much more alert when I wake up in the morning. It used to take my mind little longer to get going but now as soon as I get up and by the time I get to the kitchen to put the coffee on, I am wide awake. Will mention also that I haven’t changed anything in my lifestyle, still consuming as much sugar and carbs as before.
    I can also concentrate on reading much better than before, even if I still have the same amount stress as before. This was one of the reasons why I wanted to try the tincture. To be able to concentrate as my mind was all over the place and it has definitely helped. I am sure the benefits will be even greater the longer I take it.
    The changes are quite subtle though, so don’t expect things to happen suddenly.

    Plus points for packaging! I am working hard on reducing plastic in my life so to receive a glass bottle in minimum packaging is super.

  • Ms. Teresa Iche

    Lions Mane mushroom tincture – Female of 70 years.
    I’ve began using this tincture once a day, a week after receiving it. It arrived promptly, good packaging and directions for use. I have found it ok to take too.
    Since using this product I have noticed that predominantly my thinking is much clearer and more in sequence. It also feels more alert today, rather than the oftentimes ‘cobwebby’ sense previously.
    I am very impressed with the Lions Mane tincture and will continue to use it for a minimum of 3months.

  • David Hughes

    Excellent product felt benefits straight away
    Excellent product felt benefits straight away

  • Natalie M

    Natalie MGreat product
    Great product…I feel so alert in the morning once taken

  • MISotGutierrez

    Calms my mind
    I love this lions Maine extract, I mix it with my coffee and it leaves no after taste. If taken by itself it does have an alcohol taste but in terms of usefulness it’s great. I am currently taking the lions Maine in the morning and the raishi extract at night. The raishi extract is AMAZING! It has helped me build up my immune system. While I am not 100% where I want to be with my immune system the Reishi extract has helped tremendously. I have only been taking it for about 2 months.

  • pukka

    Excellent for sustained concentration and focus
    A good few months ago I heard about the benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms. Especially for mental well being and focus. I decided to buy the liquid form of Lions Mane as it’s absorbed quicker into the bloodstream. I’ve used this product for 3 days now. I’ve just completed a 12 hour shift at work. I drive a lorry so tiredness can happen. I’ve always used caffeinated soft drinks. I know these drinks are not good for the system. So I’m using Ecodrops Lions Mane. Half way through the day I took half a pipette and my concentration and focus was sustained throughout the day. I recommend this product for anyone who takes their mental health seriously.

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