Bring calmness and relaxation to your mind and body from the essential oils from the UK by EcoDrop Essential Oils offering the best aromatherapy solutions. Made from highly concentrated extracts of natural ingredients that range from elements as rare as camphor to as common as tulsi (holy basil). The most authentic experience of aromatic essential oils can be ensured by their application in diffusers for room fresheners. These organic essential oils find a wide variety of uses owing to their medicinal and soothing properties.

The best organic essential oils from the UK include extracts of the following exclusive organic materials: camphor, Ho wood, tulsi, bergamot, frankincense sacra, myrrh, rose otto, and roman chamomile. These small and 5 ml or 10 ml bottled essential oils are perfect for aromatherapy that can be practised via burning candles made from their extracts, having massages from blends from them, or through sauna, compresses, skin care, and as simply as diffusers in the room. Most of the essential oils are made from either steam distillation method or cold pressing to gather the element in their natural and organic form which is then bottled and packed free from additives and preservatives.