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We all know that myrrh was brought to Jesús by the wise men, one of three precious gifts he received as the son of God.

That tells you already something. There has been times myrrh was more valuable than gold.

Myrrh has been always used for sacred ceremonies and healing.

The ancient Egyptian used it in the balm for mumification.

They knew it is a powerful anti-bacterial agent.

Historically the most common use is to burn  the resin over hot coals.

It was believed this would release a mysterious, spiritual quality into any room before a religious ceremony.

It has also been used in aromatherapy for its meditative quality or for prayer, usually in combination with frankincense.

Today it is still widely used for it’s antioxidantes activity for many types of skin treatments.

Also it is an ingredient in different mouth washes and dental care products as it is considered to help oral infections and inflamación due to it’s antimicrobial properties.

Especialy the gums benefit from myrrh essential oil.

Also treat painful mouth sores with mouth washes containing this oil have good results.

Gingivitis and mouth ulcers can be treated and prevented by myrrh essential oil. It can also be used as mouth rinse to prevent gum disease. It can also freshen your breath.

Do you on mouth wash.

The recipes we share uses salt and calcium-magnesium powder to help to strengthen and remineralize teeth while the essential oils freshen breath, fight bacteria, and reduces gum inflammation.

DIY Natural Mouthwash for Healthy Teeth & Gums


Note: don’t swallow the Mouthwash.

Nature provides!


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