Lavender Diffuser Blends: Relax and De-Stress

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Relax and De-Stress with Lavender Essential Oil The use of essential oils for stress relief is becoming increasingly popular by the day, and with good reason! Essential oils are volatile extracts that can travel through the sinus and bloodstream, reaching towards the brain and all over the body to spread their therapeutic benefits. They have […]

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5 Ways to Have More Energy

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If you've ever said the phrase "I wish I had more energy", you're definitely not alone. From our daily cup of coffee to energy drinks, supplements and prescription medications, human beings have evolved to 'need' more energy than we have. But most of the time it is not more energy we that need, it is [...]
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How to Practice Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is the wellness buzzword on everyone’s lips, yet this ancient practice is so much more than just a fad. Mindfulness is all about present moment awareness and is essentially the foundation for most Eastern philosophy and practices. Yoga, meditation, zen, taoism, tai chi and many other practices all use mindfulness as the foundation to [...]
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5 Self Care Ideas that don’t cost a thing

What does self care mean to you? A spa day, a fancy dinner at a restaurant, perhaps a mani pedi? While these are all great ideas, self care doesn't have to mean luxury in the traditional sense. There are many ways to practice self care, without spending spending a cent. More research is coming to [...]
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How to Use Essential Oils for Meditation

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Meditation is a gift we can give ourselves every day. Simply carving out even 5 minutes to become still and go within will have profound benefits for our health and wellbeing. Adding essential oils in your mediation practice is a way to powerfully enhance the experience of mediating, as well as to build a ritual [...]
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9 Frankincense essential oil diffuser blends

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9 Frankincense essential oil diffuser blends Essential oil lovers know this feeling. Suddenly there is this scent you are just crazy about. Depending on your situation you will notice over time that your preferences on essential oils shift, adapting to your mood. Try it out, every once in a while take your essential oils and […]

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