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Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, 10ml

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Botanical Name: Citrus Aurantium

Country of Origin: Italy

Extraction method: Cold Pressed

Scent: The scent of the oil is basically citrus, yet fruity and sweet, with a warm spicy floral quality.


Extracted from the rind or peel of the fruit, leaving an aroma which is citrusy but sweet. Bergamot oil is often used to support the digestive system and rejuvenate the skin, but it’s the emotional wellness that bergamot offers that many believe to be it’s greatest gift.


Bergamot Essential Oil was used historically in Italian folk medicine and in Ayurvedic medicine to treat problems related to digestion, skin health, and fever to name a few ailments it could effectively relieve.

Used in aromatherapy applications, Bergamot essential oil is known to help reduce anxiety and stress and thereby alleviate symptoms of depression.

Oils to blend with

Bergamot is very versatile in its blending and will go with most essential oils. It blends very well with other citrus oils as well as floral oils.


Always dilute in carrier oil or water before skin application.

Avoid During Pregnancy.

Avoid Eye Contact.

Ethical Supply

More trees are re-planted harvested and the plantation is a mixed-age plantation ensuring a long-term sustainable supply.

3 reviews for Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, 10ml

  1. Amazon Customer

    excellent product! finding a good quality product is like …
    excellent product!
    finding a good quality product is like the holy grail, this is it! the scent lasts longer, on the skin and in the oil burner, I have tried a lot of other products, but this one is prodigious! thank you!

  2. MariSe

    Highly recommended. I am very happy with this and will …
    Smells divine! Highly recommended. I am very happy with this and will repurchase in future.

  3. Sue J

    Excellent Rose Essential Oil from Ecodrop – highly recommended!
    This Rose essential oil from Ecodrop is absolutely amazing. Damask rose being the finest quality of the rose oils has wonderful therapeutic qualities. It blends well with other oils and suitable for all uses – massage in a good carrier oil base, in oil burners, baths and as a general fragrance. Only a few drops are necessary to release its heady and relaxing perfume. Very highly recommended as I have found all of the other oils I have purchased from Ecodrop. And thank you Amazon for stocking such an excellent range of quality essential oils at very reasonable prices.

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