Organic French Lavender Essential Oil, 10ml

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Country of Origin: France
Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Scent: Floral, herbaceous, light with woody undertones

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

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Lavandula angustifolia, commonly known as Lavender or Garden Lavender is indigenous to Mediterranean (France, Italy, Spain) region. The Lavender plant can grow up to 1-2 meters tall and has the capacity to grow well even with low water conditions. Lavender is very popular among ornamental flowers for its pinkish-purple flowers, evergreen narrow leaves, and a very crisp floral-sweet scent. Extensive uses of Lavender essential oil has been recorded from ancient to modern times. A Still-fragrant Lavender has been found in the tomb of Tutankhamun.

General Information

Ecodrop’s Lavender essential oil is derived from ethically sourced organic Lavender plantations certified under strict Soil Association Organic Standards. Ecodrop’s Lavender essential oil is made with the steam-distillation method, and without leaving much carbon footprint.


Technical information

Country of Origin: France
Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Scent: Floral, herbaceous, light with woody undertones
Parts of Plant used: Flower
Odour: Colourless
Main Components: Linalool, Linalyl acetate
Bottled in the UK

Best oils to Blend

Bergamot, Cedarwood, Clove Bud, Clary Sage, Geranium, Lemon, Neroli, Patchouli, Rosemary, Sandalwood and Vetiver essential oils.

Benefits and Uses


Skincare: Mix 15-20 drops of Ecodrop’s Lavender essential oil in a 30 ml bottle of cold-pressed carrier oil(preferably jojoba). Use this oil as a daily moisturizer and say goodbye forever to all your skin problems.

Hair-growth potion and hair-fall solution: Add a few drops of Lavender oil to 10-15 ml of coconut or olive oil. Massage your scalp and length of the hair twice a week. Mix a few drops to your shampoo for added benefits.

Managing frizz: Mix water and aloe vera gel and add a few drops of Organic Lavender oil. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle. Use it on damp hair as a leave-in-conditioner.

Insect repellent: Mix 20-25 drops of Ecodrop’s Lavender essential oil with water in a spray bottle. Spray throughout your room as a natural bug repellent. Blend with other essential oils of the mint family for added efficacy.

Cuts and burns: Lavender oil is extremely beneficial in relieving the pain of minor cuts and burns. Drip a few drops directly on the affected area. It also acts as antiseptic and anti-bacterial.

Menstrual cramps: Add 5-10 drops of Organic Lavender oil to 10-15 ml of coconut oil. Apply the mixture on the abdomen and lower back. Experience a natural pain killer.

Tension headaches: Apply a few drops directly to the temple area.

DIY recipes: Use Ecodrop’s Lavender oil in a variety of DIY recipes- face cream, body lotion, lip balm, hair pack, and a lot more. Refer to our ebook for more DIY recipes.


Diffusion: Put 5-6 drops in home diffusers.

Sleep inducer: Rub 2-3 drops on pillow covers or temples.

Massage: Add 4-5 drops in 10 ml of coconut oil.

Bath: Add 2-3 drops to the bathwater.

Wound care: Apply 2-3 drops directly on cuts, burns, insect bites, rashes, fungal infections, etc.

Headaches: Rub 2-3 drops on temples.



Certification of approval & GC Analysis

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Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS)

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Declaration of Allergens

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Licence no: CS28221

This product is Soil Association certified* and free from any harsh chemicals, additives and preservatives that are destructive to our beautiful planet & us. It has been manufactured under the strict Soil Association standards (Genuine organic product with quality, integrity and transparency).

* “Soil Association Organic Certificate enforces the strict European laws about the production of organic food, animal welfare, protecting human health, and safeguarding the environment. No system of farming has higher levels of animal welfare than farms working to Soil Association organic standards.”


We feel the responsibility to care for our planet & our farmers. We only buy from small organic farms with highest ethical & environmental values. We’re on a mission to put nature at the forefront. As a society we’ve parted ways from naturalism following the industrial age, but we hope to change that. As close to nature as possible, our formulas prove the healing and beautifying powers of planet earth.

Through the utilisation of sustainable business practices, we strive to establish a deeper connection to the natural world. When you buy from us you can rest assured that the product you have purchased is: 100% pure and Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, GMO Free using Ethical Sourcing Practices.


Safety Precautions

  • For external use only.
  • Use of Lavender oil may irritate sensitive skin.
  • Do not use after surgery.
  • Lavender oil may be unsafe for young boys who have not reached puberty yet.
  • Use during pregnancy and lactation only under expert observation.


The information provided is general and should not be taken as medical advice. Neither Ecodrop essential oils nor associated business entities guarantee the accuracy of the information. Please consult your doctor, especially if being used during pregnancy, before using this product. You are also encouraged to test the product to ensure that it meets your needs, before using for mass production.

  • Ashley Collins

    Updated. Exceptional service. Very impressed.
    Updated, The seller contacted me and was very helpful and seemed to genuinely want to resolve any issue I had with my purchase. They supplied me with official documentation for this oil and I have no doubts at all that this oil is 100% legitimate. I wanted to state that I don’t think there is anything wrong with this oil, it’s just personal preference and the fact that I am sensitive to smells. I also accept that this may be a strain of lavender oil that I’ve just not come across before so therefore have no experience of this particular scent. The seller has been exceptionally attentive and has shown outstanding customer service. I don’t wish to request a refund or an exchange as I wholeheartedly believe the issue is with my sense of smell and my own inexperience of different strains of lavender and definitely NOT with the oil.
    Huge thanks to the seller for contacting me and for offering to refund me. I am extremely impressed with this seller and therefore have updated my review and changed the star rating.

    The lavender oil didn’t smell quite right to me. I’ve bought a lot of Lavender Essential oils and have used different sources over the years. This is the first time ordering this brand from this source. Unfortunately this oil had an after scent to it that didn’t smell right and it leaves a scent that I can’t stand.

  • Dalzell

    First impressions were wrong!? Try it before you decide.
    I was thrown off by my first impressions and ready to return this but for some reason i decided to give it a go. First whiff on opening the bottle, lavender scent was odd and smelt like something else as well, was a little off putting. I mixed this with a little almond oil for my hair treatment and the scent completely changed. (original scent i got a whiff off probably had something to do with the bottle????) This oil, when dispensed from the bottle, smelt like fresh lavender, not as all like any other i’ve bought before (stronger very synthetic smelling stuff). Was actually quite refreshing and pleasant and i grew to like it after a few uses. Even my husband has commented on how refreshing this smelt compared to other oils i’ve used in the past. Give it a try before you decided.

  • Margaret

    Amazing french lavender oil
    I have been using essential oil of lavender for more than thirty years and this oil is now at the top of my list of preferred oils. The scent is amazing, a soft French lavender scent that sends you to sleep. Added it to my bath last night and it was so relaxing and wonderful on my skin. Thank you so much

  • Tulip

    Soothing, calming and great skin results!
    The French Lavender essential oil is very pleasant and enjoyable to use. I’ve used it in my bedroom vaporizer to induce a calming atmosphere before bed and also in my skincare routine with significant results, mixing it with distilled water and organic apple cider vinegar. I’ll definitely repurchase this oil and hope to enjoy others from this company.

  • Emily

    Delicate scent.
    Arrived really quickly and was dripped straight onto my pillow as soon as the wrapping was off. Not as strong a scent as some other brands I’ve used but it’s definitely in the background and my other half asked straight away if I had sprayed perfume when he walked into the bedroom.
    What I can smell is delicate and relaxing and I’m sure I’ll get through the bottle quickly.

  • emel

    really good quality
    pure lavender oil like this is wonderful for all sorts of uses. you don’t need much just a few drops added to either a carrier oil for massage or use directly on cold sores and spots. don’t settle for a cheaper alternative, this is quality


    Sweet dreams with lavender oil!
    The lavender oil was a part of a 14th. birthday present for my granddaughter and she was delighted by the story I told of a young doctor I once knew. I said that he was unhappy that most of the elderly people in the community hospital were prescribed sleeping tablets, and he longed to give them more natural sleep. And so he arranged for them to have a few drops of lavender oil on their pillows to see how this would work. He was delighted to find his patients not only slept well but also woke up in a happy and peaceful frame of mind!

  • Joran Bradburn

    Great product
    Excellent product, great value for money and great follow-up service from seller. Also the Ebook which we received after purchase as fantastic and will definitely come in handy! Also worth noting that the product he worked extremely well to relive eczema and stress, and aid sleep when used in a diffuser

  • Bedfordshire Customer

    The price is right and it’s a perfect brand for me
    What’s to dislike? I was slightly worried it may be overpowering or not strong enough. However, since receiving my lavender oil I use it daily. Not only for my diffuser but to freshen up sheets, rooms, clothes etc.

  • Cristel Seed

    Spa Like
    Lovely relaxing scent for the bedroom. I put it on just before going into bed to read/watch Netflix and it releases a soothing aroma – kind of reminds me of being in a spa!

  • Jean Schlegel

    Bought this oil not knowing it was such good quality if I did would have bought more which I will do. I think I have found the supplier I want to stay with, QUALITY FANTASTIC. They even sent me a book on essential oils and how to mix them. They know how to look after there customers.

  • Gregory

    Fantastic high quality lavender oil
    I bought this lavender oil on the recommendation from a friend who also has frequent difficuties sleeping due to extreme shift working patterns. I put 2 drops on the left and right of my pillow just before bedtime and for the few nights I’ve used the oil, I have had very deep, unconscious, peaceful sleep, so very happy with this oil. The smell is soft and tender too, probably because it’s a fine quality lavender oil.

  • H. L. Thompson

    Reduces stress and relaxes you
    I just love this product. My daughter a key worker working shift and stressed, used the product and it has improved her sleep and tension. I will be ordering more!

  • Jimmy

    I feel like a wizard now !!!
    I grabbed 3 different oils and I’m loving them, also they sent me a free Ebook on how to mix up your own unique potions. Only thing is… Now I want to buy the whole gang to go 100% Hogwarts on my house guests.

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