Organic Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil, 10ml

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Country of Origin: India
Botanical Name: Boswellia serrate
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Parts of Plant used: Resins

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil

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Boswellia serrata is a medium-sized deciduous tree with a light, spreading crown and drooping branches. The tree produces an oleo-resin known as Frankincense. The English word Frankincense originates from the French word Franc-Encens, which means high-quality essence or fragrance. This oleo-resin is used for extracting the essential oil that is used for its aroma and therapeutic abilities. Its aroma has a relaxing and focusing effect on the mind.

General Information

Ecodrop’s Organic Frankincense essential oil is produced by steam distillation of the oleo-resin of Boswellia serrata tree sourced from India. Ecodrop ensures the best quality of the essential oil by processing only dark yellow, amber-coloured resins obtained at the end of cultivation during summer and by maintaining a PH range of 5.5-6.5. The raw material obtained self-preserves itself until it crystallises, which is then crushed into a fine powder and steam distilled.


Technical information

Country of Origin: India
Botanical Name: Boswellia serrate
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
Parts of Plant used: Resins
Colour: Colourless to Pale Yellow
Odour: Clean, Resinous, Woody, Balsamic
Main Components: 70% Alpha Thujene, Pinene
Bottled in the UK

Best oils to Blend

Sandalwood, Myrrh, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Rose
and Lavender.

Benefits and Uses


Skincare: Frankincense essential oil is great for moisturising mature and damaged skin. It repairs and rejuvenates skin cells and keeps the skin
younger-looking. It soothes rashes, blemishes, acne, pimples, and their marks.
Haircare: It has profound uses for maintaining hair health. From adding shine and strength to cure dandruff and hair fall, this oil in a tiny bottle does it all.
Nails: It nourishes and strengthens dry and bitter nails.
Pain-reliever: Apart from the soothing effect of its scent on the mind, it can relieve muscle and joint pain. If used topically, it reduces inflammation and presents a natural solution for arthritis pain.
Antiseptic: Directly applied to the skin, this oil can prevent infection from minor cuts and wounds and promote faster healing.
Improving concentration: Use in a diffuser for improved focus and clear mind. Diffuse during meditation and spiritual practises. It can control anxious thoughts and worries and also reduce dream interruptions during sleep.
Expectorant: It eases breathing and helps clear nasal blockage.


Topical application: Add 3-4 drops of Organic Frankincense oil to unscented creams, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, DIY soaps and creams (refer to our ebook for more DIY recipes).
Daily face cream: Blend 6-8 drops with equal amounts of Myrrh oil and add in a 30 ml bottle of almond or jojoba oil. Use this as a daily moisturiser. For night cream, use Argan or Rosehip as base oils.
Hair Massage: Add 3-4 drops in any carrier oil of your choice. Massage hair and scalp.
Body massage: Add 5-6 drops to avocado oil. Give yourself a full body massage for a refreshing and energising feel. For reducing pain, blend 2-3 drops of Frankincense oil with an equal amount of Sandalwood oil and add to a tbsp. of sesame oil. Gently massage the affected area.
Diffuser: Add 5-6 drops to your room diffuser.
Bath oil: Combine 15-20 drops in honey or coconut oil. Add this mixture to
your bathwater.



Licence no: CS28221

This product is Soil Association certified* and free from any harsh chemicals, additives and preservatives that are destructive to our beautiful planet & us. It has been manufactured under the strict Soil Association standards (Genuine organic product with quality, integrity and transparency).

* “Soil Association Organic Certificate enforces the strict European laws about the production of organic food, animal welfare, protecting human health, and safeguarding the environment. No system of farming has higher levels of animal welfare than farms working to Soil Association organic standards.”


We feel the responsibility to care for our planet & our farmers. We only buy from small organic farms with highest ethical & environmental values. We’re on a mission to put nature at the forefront. As a society we’ve parted ways from naturalism following the industrial age, but we hope to change that. As close to nature as possible, our formulas prove the healing and beautifying powers of planet earth.

Through the utilisation of sustainable business practices, we strive to establish a deeper connection to the natural world. When you buy from us you can rest assured that the product you have purchased is: 100% pure and Organic, Vegan, Cruelty Free, GMO Free using Ethical Sourcing Practices.



Certification of approval & GC Analysis

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Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS)

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Declaration of Allergens

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Safety Precautions

  • For external use only.
  • Always dilute before use. Consult a professional for proper dilution ratio.
  • Consult with your Doctor, or other qualified health care professional before
    using any of the recipes.
  • Avoid in pregnancy and lactation.
  • Keep away from eye area.
  • Keep away from children.


The information provided is general and should not be taken as medical advice. Neither Ecodrop essential oils nor associated business entities guarantee the accuracy of the information. Please consult your doctor, especially if being used during pregnancy, before using this product. You are also encouraged to test the product to ensure that it meets your needs, before using for mass production.

  • Allannah Kavanagh (store manager)

    High Quality for a Bargain Price.
    I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the oil comparable with the cost, I hadn’t expected such a high quality product for the low price.
    A wonderful oil with a lovely scent that is neither overpowering nor too weak.
    Just right for mixing with a carrier oil for massage, I should imagine it would make a nice soap or scented candle and would do well as a high end room fragrance.
    I would recommend Eco Drop oils to anyone that knows their stuff!

  • Meg (store manager)

    Excellent product! finding a good quality product is like …
    excellent product!
    finding a good quality product is like the holy grail, this is it! the scent lasts longer, on the skin and in the oil burner, I have tried a lot of other products, but this one is prodigious! thank you!

  • Tommy (store manager)

    The oils I’ve bought from amazon have been of good quality and delivered on time
    So far all the oils I’ve bought from amazon have been of good quality and delivered on time.

  • Mehak

    i have bought this oil for skin use i was confuse because i never bought essential oil online.but when i received frankincense oil it was amazed buy the quality i use it on my skin i use it as a relaxing oil i just take 1 drop n rub it behind my ears and neck and it makes ma relax n calm i use it on skin no irritation and the quality is outstanding.if anyone like to buy this oil i highly recommend came well packed and dark glass bottle which is perfect for essentially it does help anyone who like to buy this oil thank you.

  • SC

    Lovely frankincense oil…
    Delighted with the frankincense oil. It was just what I was looking for, smells amazing and was a good price. The seller delivered quickly. Would definitely buy again and try more products in the range. Thank you!

  • Gem1

    Great customer service
    Ecodrop have great customer service. I ordered my oil in good faith because it sounded like it was good quality and the company care, but you never know with essential oils! I then realised that the company was not an ATC member, so made an enquiry to find out why. I got a quick reply explaining that they are a new company who hope to be members soon, and they assured me that the oil was pure and good quality. I’m not a professional and don’t scientifically test the oil but it seems very good quality. You also get an ebook emailed to you which is a lovely touch.

  • Christina

    It is a good essential oil!
    I really like this essential oil, it smells wonderful! Good price too. Every morning I mix it on my hand with a bit of organic coconut butter. You just need one or two drops of frankincense.. You will notice the difference… Don’t use any chemicals on your skin or hair because they will go in your blood stream and harm you eventually…

  • phil hastings

    Excellent product at an excellent price
    Firstly I loved the price – lovely to be able to buy therapeutic quality organic oil at this price.
    Secondly, but more importantly, the oil is excellent. I was worried it wouldn’t have the same feel or aroma as more expensive oils or might irritate my sensitive skin, but it’s absolutely lovely.
    Thirdly – the service was excellent. Delivery was days earlier than expected – which was great because I’d used up my last bottle.
    I would definitely buy this oil from this seller again. Many thanks!

  • Nicky Young.

    Lovely smell and a good pain relief
    It’s a nice oil to use especially when you have joint pain. I dilute this oil with another lotion cream and rub where I feel the discomfort and it’s good. The smell is good as well.

  • Nikki Linas

    It does what it says on the tin
    Frankly, excuse the pun ! I am stunned at the positive effect wearing this oil has had. I had no idea why I ordered it in the first place and it was only after a couple of days when I googled what it was supposed to do that I realised that it was bang on the nail. Keep up the amazing work ?

  • Kathryn Carney

    Great product and engaging customer services
    I ordered frankincense essential oil as a compliment for Swedish massage – the product arrived quickly and smells exactly as expected, the scent lasts for a nice length of time and has some depth to it. The customer service is a really pleseant experience – I would order again

  • MGC

    Great value for a good product
    Very impressed with the product and the supplier. The price for this product is very reasonable and having had contact with the supplier over another product of theirs, they are keen to help if there is a problem.

  • robert booth

    Quality Frankincense oil at a great price.
    Excellent quality Frankincense oil. Smells great and a little goes a long way. A free essential oil ebook is included with the order which is a nice bonus. Delighted with this purchase and would recommend to anyone.

  • franboat

    To get the full proper aroma don’t sniff the bottle!
    Initially I gave this a bad review. I thought it smelled like disinfectant. However, after a few minutes it mellowed and is actually lovely. I was overly hasty in my judgement. Give it a moment to develop

  • andra pratt

    Actually works
    So pleased i gave this a try for years i had a small wart on face only after using it for a few days its hardly noticable i will definatly keep a bottle handy just incase i ever need it for anything?

  • Pam

    Great oil
    I love Frankincense for its many healing properties and smell.
    I expected just to receive the oil in the post and that would be it, so a lovely surprise to receive a link to a very useful free gift. I’ll be ordering from them again.

  • R.Salmon

    Excellent quality oil
    A very good product, promptly delivered. Frankincense is an incredibly soothing oil and reputedly has a broad range of health benefits. What’s not to like?

  • Judith Parkin

    Quality and service
    The prompt delivery was much appreciated a this was a last minute birthday gift. the product itself seems to be of excellent quality with an authentic aroma.


    Beautiful smelling
    Absolutely love the smell and the quality of this oil. I have just started using essential oils and am excited to see the results of it in time, which at the moment appears very good. Will use this again for sure ??

  • Faye Hinge

    Essential oils
    I’ve used essential oils for many years and always look for organic when ordering. This organic Frankincense oil is great quality and I will use this company again when ordering next time.


    Great Product
    Love the smell of this. The shipment was fast and the product exactly as described. I bought it as a mood enhancer so I’ll be back in a few days and let you know how it works!

  • Susie R.

    Organic pure essential oil
    Received my Frankincense and have been really happy with all aspects of this product. Would highly recommend it if your looking for a good quality affordable essential oil.

  • Louise

    Confidence booster.
    This ancient remedy especially now with all these viruses around makes me feel a little more confident although I know it may not protect me against them.

  • Hudson

    It is effective for beautiful skin
    I love this product, I mix it with other carrier oils for my face and the result is just amazing. The scent is nice and stays long in the home which also helps with sleep.

  • Jasmine

    Fantastic Product, reasonably priced
    Arrived quickly, great packaging and bonus of an aromatherapy e-booklet with lots of tips and blends on how to use essential oils. Will order from supplier again, excellent thank you

  • Caleb

    Great customer service!
    The product arrived quickly, and I wasted no time adding out to my aromatherapy diffuser….. it’s divine! I’m sure I’ll be ordering more once I’ve read the e book.

  • Maria

    The product is great, it smells amazing
    The product is great, it smells amazing. The customer service is top notch, very thoughful and loving from the beginning of the purchase until the end

  • Leo

    Fabulous company. Loved the excellent free e book.very relevent. Many thanks
    Oil e book fabulous and relevent. Absolutely delighted. Thank you.

  • Sharon Lew

    Great product
    I always keep a bottle of Frankincense by the bedside and carry a bottle in my handbag. This is a great product and good quality at a reasonable price. I use it for swelling in my gums. I apply it before going to bed and in the morning the swelling has completely gone. Have given it to lots of people with toothache and it has helped them (horrible taste but to me, better than cloves) It’s also good on any arthritic nagging pain that I get. I’ve given so many bottles away to people who have need of it!!!

  • Sunshine

    Excellent quality
    This is the first time I have ordered from this seller but will not be the last. I use a great many essential oils for massage, in diffusers and burners. This oil is a very good quality, arrived very quickly and was packaged well. It is always good to find good quality oils and know that you can order quickly if you have need of a specific one. Very pleased ? would definitely recommend.

  • SuzieLiz

    Aromatherapy great idea!
    Instant despatch. Will be using this and look forward to seeing results. A book was a lovely surprise sent by the seller and I will be looking forward to using the ideas in it.

  • Kika

    great quality and amazing customer service
    I love the scent of this oil and the quality is great, I’ve used other frankincense oil before but this is by far the best. I make my own facial creams and this oil is just excellent in my mix. Delivery was super fast and their customer service is excellent too. I will buy again for sure.

  • M. Gale

    Amazing fragrance 100% authentic
    Lovely fragrance and exactly as described 100% authentic and the aroma fills the room …but a similar product anywhere else’s and it will cost you at least double the price if not more .. so don’t be ripped off this it’s superb

  • AnitaL

    Good quality oil
    Lovely essential oil, very happy with purchase and what’s more I got a free 45 page ebook all about aromatherapy – what’s not to like! Will definitely order from this supplier again.

  • lynn

    Great product
    Lovely product. Bought from an expensive high street before but will continue with this company as the product is very good and much more cost effective. I also really appreciated the free e-booklet sent with lots of information

  • Darren Blackman

    Love it
    I bought this as its meant to help with mental problems, but I’m not expecting it to work instantly but the more I use it hopefully the better it will be, but for now it smells really nice, so that’s great. Thanks.

  • maureen easton

    Beautiful oil, will without doubt buy again
    Very impressed with delivery time . Beautiful oil, will without doubt buy again. in fact am waiting on the company re stocking sandalwood .

  • Vigdis Jenner

    Love the smell of this oil and is very high quality. Not just this one but all the others that I have bought from Ecodrop recently, They all just smell divine. Can’t recommend Ecodrop enough. Quality essential oils at great prices.

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