8 Aromatherapy Recipes, Essential Oils For Valentine’s Day!

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Cultivate Self-Love this Valentine’s Valentine’s day doesn’t only have to be about date nights and partnerships. I think it’s about time we reconstruct our notion of Valentine’s and what that means for cultivating self-love. So, this Valentine’s day is inspired by love, harnessing the healing benefits of aromatherapy plant powers. Light a few candles, enjoy […]

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5 Health Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil & Its Uses!

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Thyme Essential Oil Benefits! Thyme comes from the Greek word, “thymos” which means “smell.” Thyme is a renowned seasoning herb that we all know and love in our home-cooked meals. The joy of the mountain, it is an herb most commonly used in the Mediterranean region for its delicious flavour and beneficial health properties. Thyme essential […]

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