9 Frankincense essential oil diffuser blends

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9 Frankincense essential oil diffuser blends Essential oil lovers know this feeling. Suddenly there is this scent you are just crazy about. Depending on your situation you will notice over time that your preferences on essential oils shift, adapting to your mood. Try it out, every once in a while take your essential oils and […]

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How to get stronger and healthier nails with essential oils

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Our fingernails are made of a protein called keratin. Especially our hands are exposed to the environment constantly. Adding to natural environmental impact all the chemicals from cleaning products for example it is easy to understand that oir nails have a tough time. They get altered. If you than also use false nails and lots […]

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After sun treatments for the skin DIY

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Here comes the sun. It’s a blessing after the long absence of its warming touch on the skin. Everything gets flooded with light and our mood boosts, we feel energetic and positive about life and existence. We fall in love with the flowers, the air, the outdoors and strangers. The wheel of life goes on, […]

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Aromatherapy. Happy Easter blends.

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Easter is such a nice moment of the year and a very nice family celebration beyond its Christian background. It’s some days off, enjoy the sun and get a break. It’s also springtime starting, flowers blooming and the rebirth of life in so many forms can be witnessed by all human beings on the northern […]

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