Balance Pitta with Essential Oils

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If you notice yourself to be irritable, short tempered and agitated, or perhaps unusually hot and bothered with inflamed skin, rashes and heartburn, it may mean your Pitta is out of balance. Pitta is one of the three energy types, or doshas, according to Ayurveda. Each of us possesses all three doshas in varying quantities, [...]
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Natural SPA. Massage oils with essential oils.

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We humans are sensitive to touch. We are social beings who not only enjoy but really need touch. Through touch people relax, connect, surrender and exchange energy. There is people who can heal only by touching the skin, letting universal energy flow through the body reestablishing the energetic balance. Massage often is not only for […]

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7 All you need is love Diffuser blends

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Basic needs in life are food, shelter and love and affection . We are social beings, I am not only talking about romantic love, its all kind of love we need. The love of pir parents when we are born is essential. Babies do not survive without receiving love from the caretaker. We really need […]

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