Self-Care Ideas for Your Lockdown

After a year of covid, it’s important to check-in with yourselves. How are you doing, comparing to how you started? Are you happy with where your life is at? What can you do about it? We’ve all fallen off track, one way or another, and that is completely okay. This blog-post is all about self-care ideas and inspirations in a time of lockdown. Whether it is switching off your phone, indulging in your skin-care routine, or packing up an old box of things you don’t need. Make time for yourself to release the old, and welcome the new. Most importantly, enjoy the process!

Lockdown Tips n’ Tricks

disconnect to connect

1. Disconnect, to Connect

It may be really hard to switch off your phone, but that might be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Don’t underestimate how overwhelming incoming news, social media, emails and the internet can have on your mental health. This is the most we’ve ever been so wrapped up into our phones and electronics, with all the free time we have in the world right now, comparing to pre-pandemic and actually having a social life, once upon a time… Disconnect from the media, so you can connect to yourself. Try out something, read a book, go for a walk. Find your joy outside of electronic devices. You will be thanking yourself.

meditate, unwind, exercise

2. Meditate, Unwind, Exercise

Make time for yourself. After such a long year, all this pressure is buried in our bodies. Perhaps you’re having more back aches and spasms than you’re used to. Meditate, unwind, and exercise to free up the stagnation, promote blood circulation, let go of any tension and pressure stored in your muscles and bones. And finally, breathe deeply. You owe it to yourself.


3. Journal

A great self-care idea for your lockdown is practicing daily, weekly or monthly journaling. According to a study, patients with elevated anxiety practiced journaling prompts over the cycle of a 12 weeks intervention. The promising results revealed a decrease in anxiety and increase in well-being. This shows that journaling is a useful intervention for managing anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Here are some journal prompts you can practice at home:

  • What made you feel good today?
  • What did you learn in the year of covid?
  • What do you want to bring more of in your life? What are your goals and aspirations?
  • What limiting beliefs are hindering your path? Are you ready to let go of them?
  • How can you practice more compassion to yourself and others?

4. Get Rid of the Old

One of the best self-care ideas for a lockdown is the power of decluttering. Decluttering your home is an excellent way of letting go of the old, and bringing a new and fresh ambience to your home and lifestyle. Hoarding old objects can really affect your mental health, work performance and overall wellbeing. Does your house feel like it weighs hundreds of kilos? Time to pack up some things you don’t need. Be honest with yourself, do you really need all these things? Challenge yourself to get rid of old clothes, objects, furniture and everything in between. Trust me, you’ll feel hundreds of pounds less.

learn something new

5. Learn Something New

You’ve now got all the time in the world to actually do what you like to do. So, what is it? What is something you’ve always wanted to learn, but never really had the time? Perhaps it’s a dream you’ve had since you were a kid, but society told you it’s not enough. Think about. Get into your heart-space, and listen to what your heart is calling for. Now is your chance to learn something new, and do what you’ve always wanted to do. Don’t miss this chance, it doesn’t come often. Whatever it is, whether it’s gardening, drawing, music, starting up a blog, anything. You can get a book that will guide you through, or sign up for an online class… because why not?

skin-care is self-care

6. Enjoy the Process of Skin-Care

Indulge in the simple pleasures of skin-care. Practicing a daily skin-care ritual can bring routine, structure and self-love into your life. Give your skin the love it calls for. Every morning, get your favourite facial serum or oil and gently massage your face from the inner to the outer parts. This can significantly aid in lymphatic drainage, promote cellular regeneration, and re-ignite your skin’s glow.

Here’s a simple DIY facial serum you can craft at home:


bath is self-care

7. Pamper Yourself with a Bath

A bath is a soothing and nourishing practice to implement into your life, and one of our favourite self-care practices in a time of lockdown. Let the healing waters tend to your body and release all the tension away.

Here are some benefits of implementing baths into your self-care routine:

  • can soothe muscle tension, inflammation and soreness
  • can improve respiratory health
  • can balance stress levels and anxiety
  • can soften and soothe skin

Incorporate essential oils, carrier oils and soothing salts into your bath mixtures. It can greatly synergise and enhance the whole experience, leaving you fresh and rejuvenated. Here is a recipe of a stimulating bath mixture, infused with epsom salt, rosemary and lemon essential oil. Enjoy this bath soak to start your day energised and refreshed.

Don’t stop here. Get creative & enjoy the process!

Keep challenging yourself to learn new things, find joy in the simple pleasures of life. Go outside for your daily walks to breathe in some fresh air. Learn how to cook something you’ve always wanted to try. There’s nothing stopping you right this moment, so go for it. Freely and fiercely!