5 Diffuser Blends to Boost Energy Naturally

It’s 3pm. You’ve been up since just before sunrise and since then its been go go go. First it’s the kids, then the traffic, then the emails, then one deadline after next. And you’ve finally reached the point where the bio-computer that is your body starts to say no. But before you reach for that 5th cup of coffee, sugary energy drink or donut, consider that there may be a better way.

Aromatherapy has been shown to boost energy, increase productivity and dramatically improve your mood. Simply by harnessing the power of nature. These 5 energising diffuser blends will gently lift you out of your 3pm slump and bring about a calming daily boost that will gently allow you to break out of the energy trap of the modern world.

How does aromatherapy boost energy?

Smell is the most powerful of all five senses. This is because our olfactory nerves are linked to the Limbic System, the part of our brain that controls both emotions, memory and learning. This means that smell can directly impact our brain activity.

Have you ever smelled something that triggered a childhood memory or a feeling of nostalgia? That’s the limbic system in action. This is part of the reason why aromatherapy is so powerful.

Specific essential oils have been scientifically shown to boost energy, reduce fatigue and improve focus. The effectiveness is doubled by taking advantage of the limbic system, which quickly learns to associate certain smells with certain activities. This means that when using specific essential oils or blends for work or studying, the brain is signalled that it is time to work just by smelling the scent. This makes aromatherapy doubly effective at energising the body, mind and soul naturally.

These five diffuser blends have been crafted for different times of the day and different uses. Feel free to experiment with what works for you. And remember that the more you incorporate scent into your day, the more your brain will draw the connection. This will amplify the uplifting effects.

5 Energising Diffuser Blends

Pure Energize Blend

Morning Starter

Longlasting Energy Blend

Mindful Energy Blend

Positive Energy Blend